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Powerful spells


Authentic magic from the outer space. Do you know normal humans use only 20% of their cerebral capacities? The brain is an organ we have to control better for it allows to do real miracles. Aliens (and they exist, this page is the live proof they do!!!) have a highly developed civilization because they reached a knowledge permitting them to use 60% of their brain’s abilities. It is indeed the highest level of brain’s development known by biology so far. If someone could reach such a mind control, this person could be able to achieve great things for the world! You just find this person! Cristian Vernazolli lived what ufologists call a “third type encounter”. It dramatically changed his life and you know what? It could change your life too if you listen to your heart and read his true story.

The different powers given by brain development

Brain development 20% >>> normal women and men
Brain development 30% >>> telepaths, mediums, and psychic readers
Brain development 40% >>> classic spell casters (white magic, wicca, voodoo)
Brain development 50% >>> black magic spell casters, levitation, Indian shamans, time travelers
Brain development 60% >>> ALIEN SPELLS CASTERS!


Cristian Vernazolli is the best spell caster operating on the web. Let’s start with his story now so you understand where his amazing power comes from. He was just a normal man, like you and me, cultivating cereals in his Arizona farm, when something extraordinary happened to him and changed his life forever. During the night of March 13th 1997, Cristian has been kidnapped by an alien spacecraft which was flying over Phoenix. Many eye-witnesses reported to the local police about an UFO flying in the sky that very night. The shape of the spaceship was a triangle, with three white lights and one big red light in the center of the alien craft. Cristian remembers absolutely every detail of that night, and he says “I was sleeping when, in the middle of the night, the barking of my dogs woke me up. I have 2 dogs and they are the kind of peaceful dogs. I opened my eyes and the whole bedroom was plunged in a very bright white light. But curiously, it wasn’t binding at all. The first two things I did were to look at the clock – it was precisely 3:33am – and to take my gun. Probably because of all these movies you see on TV… Then I went down and opened the front door of the house. Actually, that’s all I remember from that night. What happened to me after I opened the door, and I have to be honest about it, I can’t say whether it was real or not. But the fact is I’m not the same man since that date.”

We will quote Cristian again about his amazing alien encounter. For now, it’s time to discuss about you and what you are looking for.


Alien spells are very fast to succeed: in less than 10 days you can have full and 100% satisfying results! Average success comes in 8 weeks. These spells are totally harmless (no bad karma or backfires).

There are two types of spells that Cristian can do for you:

LOVE SPELLS: Bring back your lover, attract new love, sex spell, marriage spell, commitment spell, faithfulness spell, stop divorce… There are many different spells to answer very different needs. Just send your email.

MONEY SPELLS: Casino spell, gambling spell, lottery spell, fortune spell, luck spell… There are many ways for you to enhance your finances thanks to alien spells.


Love and money alien spells are based upon a very rare power revealed to Cristian Vernazolli by extraterrestrial beings. This authentic and competent spell caster remembers: “When I woke up, I was in the middle of a white light. The same kind I saw in my bedroom before I vanished. I couldn’t see any walls but I noticed from the sound that I was in a small room. Maybe 10 square meters, not more… Everything around me was just white and extremely luminous. I noticed a shadow moving around me and that’s when I heard a voice. Well, I haven’t really heard, but it was like talking inside my head. Some sort of telepathy or telekinesis, I can’t say, but it was very clear and understandable. Basically, the voice taught me about magic and spells. I don’t remember how long I’ve been told these secrets... I had absolutely no idea of time or space. I even thought I was dead… What I remember very well is a terrible noise in my head. It came to such a climax… it was horrible… then I fell into a deep sleep again. When I woke up, I was just lying on my own bed and the two dogs were with me. I looked at the clock and it was 3:33am – same day, same hour – but it was like years had passed… Such a strange feeling, it’s really hard to describe it. The teachings of the voice were highly clear, just as if they were carved in my mind. Days after days, I realized I was able to do the kind of things you read in mystic books, and I developed these new powers I was given. Since that date, I am able to know what others are thinking, I can make them do what I want, I can foresee the future… Many things like that… I haven’t wanted it, it just happened to me and I know it’s hard to believe, sometimes I even have difficulties to believe it myself, but it’s actually true… I have magic powers and I can use them for everybody’s good”.


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